Dazzling Dubai Tours

Supreme Holidays

  • 5 Days / 4 Nights
  • Places Covered: Dubai City - Dhow cruise, Dubai - Desert Safari

  • Holiday Type : GROUP TOURS

    Tour Information
    • Passengers arriving by air are transfixed by the view: futuristic skyscrapers flanked by a glittering coastline and surrounded by endless desert. It's little wonder so many entrepreneurial designers and architects love Dubai). Together with a tax-free escape from throttling budgets, stringent building regulations and cookie-cutter specs, this place likes to show off. Tallest building in the world? Tick. Artificial island shaped like a palm? Tick. So-called seven-star hotel? Tick. Largest global shopping mall? Tick And indoor snow slopes to boot? Tick. While it's true that recent economic woes have led to some major projects hitting the dust or being scaled down, such as Dubailand, others are being gradually resumed. More superlative-worthy projects to come? Tick. Dubai, a shrinking violet? Never!

    • From the timeless tranquility of the desert to the lively bustle of the souks, the city presents a fantastic ensemble of attractions and activities for its visitors and residents. In a single day, one can experience everything from rugged mountains and breathtaking dunes to white sandy beaches and lush, beautifully landscaped parks, from dated villages to luxurious residential districts, and from traditional houses with wind towers to ultra-modern shopping centers.